Weekly Progress Update!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone,

How’s it hanging? Hopefully you’ve had a strong, productive week.

I sure know I have!

This week ended up being a lot more relaxed than I thought, and I’m super grateful, because next week I have a lot of social obligations over the weekend.

So what have I been up to this week? Keep reading!


This week has been insanely good to me bookwise.

I got over my reading slump and finished Animorphs #20 by KA Applegate, The Power Unleashed by JE Nelson, St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid by C.L. Polk, and Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells.

Animorphs #20 was phenomenal and is the first part of a trilogy within the series. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Animorphs #20 Review

The Power Unleashed was a strong continuation of Daphne’s journey in her post-apocalyptic world.

The Power Unleashed Review

St. Valentine was an interesting short story, though it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid Review

And Rogue Protocol? It was out of this world! I’m hooked on this series and excited for the next one as well as the fifth installment coming out this May.

Rogue Protocol Review


The watching side of things this week suffered a bit due to how intense my reading and writing was, but I did finally start finishing some things and got to work on future posts, so expect more on the horizon!

This week I watched Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


This was a great shoutout to my childhood, as I’ve read a couple of the books when I was a kid and it definitely gave me nightmares.

As an adult, the movie didn’t give me nightmares but it was still a great, spooky movie with some good jumpy moments. Definitely worth a watch!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Review

My Writing

Writing was seriously out of this world this week, you guys. I wrote a total of 4,247 words, or about 17 pages. Not only that, but I also continued plotting out my third act and am about halfway done with the first chapter.

It’s a bit slow going, but that’s because I didn’t have much written down. I have until 3/19/20 to get the rest plotted out in time for my second writer’s retreat in Hermann, then I’m hoping to finish the first draft in the five days that I’ll be gone.

My Reaper sequel is currently at 84,890 words, or about 340 pages. At least for my first draft, I’m hoping to keep the novel under 100,000 words, and I think that’s pretty doable given I only have a couple chapters and an epilogue left.

But while you wait, why not check out my first Reaper novel?


It’s got plenty of chills and thrills to get you amped and ready for the sequel.

That’s a Wrap!

All right, so that was it for my week. How did yours go? Did you do well on your writing and reading projects? Anything interesting you’d like to share?

Do you have any great recommendations in TV, movies, or books? Feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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  1. You had a darn good week!

    Mine wasn’t too bad. This week I submitted an urban horror story to an anthology publisher in hopes they’ll like it.

    This morning I finished Andy Davidson’s The Boatman’s Daughter and LOVED it. It’s not for everyone. The book is Southern Gothic horror with Southern noir thrown in and lots and lots of gritty, beautiful prose.

    • Thanks, I sure did!

      Ooo, I’m crossing my fingers on your submission. Best of luck!

      Hmm I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds interesting. Trolling of goodreads commences now lol

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