WWW Wednesday


We’re halfway there, you guys! Aren’t you excited for the weekend? I know I am!

Due to the lack of a WWW Wednesday post last week this one will be a little more bulky.

Oh, what’s WWW Wednesday you say?

It’s a challenge where you share what you’re reading, what you’ve recently finished, and what you hope to read in the near future.


The meme is currently handled by Taking On A World of Words, and anybody can participate.

Simply read the 3 W questions below and answer them should you want to:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:



SciFi’s favorite antisocial A.I. is again on a mission. The case against the too-big-to-fail GrayCris Corporation is floundering, and more importantly, authorities are beginning to ask more questions about where Dr. Mensah’s SecUnit is.

And Murderbot would rather those questions went away. For good.

Opinion so far:

I haven’t read a Murderbot book in what feels like ages, so I’m super excited to start this one. Also, the blurb makes it sound like this time we’re in for an epic journey.

Since I just finished a short story last night I won’t be starting this until maybe tonight. Don’t wanna burn myself out on reading too much too fast.

Recently Finished:

My Opinions:

Oh, I haven’t been busy at all. Just blazing through some stuff lol!

The first book I finished recently was Heaven Bound by Montre Bible. This was a great continuation of his Christian urban fantasy series and definitely worth a read!

Heaven Bound Review

After that, I blazed through my next Animorphs book in two hours. Talk about book hungry! Honestly, I LOVED this installment and am desperate to return to the adventure soon, so you can bet that’s gonna propel me forward.

Animorphs #20 Review

Next was The Power Unleashed by JE Nelson. This was another sequel that I really enjoyed. It’s middle-grade apocalyptic, so you get all your doom and gloom without too much gore. I think it was very well balanced and worth a gander.

The Power Unleashed

Lastly (and quite literally squeezed in at the last minute is another short story I found for free on Tor.com called St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid. While it was entertaining, I felt that the story wasn’t perfect. The story as a whole didn’t seem to flow as well as I’d hoped, but it was still a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the imagery.

St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid Review

Next on my TBR:

Opinion so far:

Next up is Animorphs #21. You know I’m gonna eat that book up freaky fast!

After that and last on my immediate TBR is Boiling Over, the sequel to No Good Men by Thea McAlistair. Looking forward to this!

And finally, time for the really special announcement! Once I clear the rest of my immediate TBR above I will be having an Animorphs readoff week while at the same time revisiting my TBR and exploring what I really want to read for the rest of the year.

I feel like this year has already gotten away from me, and I want to make sure that the books I’m reading are at the top of my must read list. I have to hunger after the books I read or I’ll burnout. With this method I hope I won’t get in another reading slump. Wish me luck!

That’s a Wrap!

Okay folks, that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week.

What does your reading pile look like? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you have any opinions or feedback on the books I chose? Feel free to share in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow my bookish journeys!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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  1. I think Murderbot is one of the best, most unique characters ever.

    I wish you luck on your TBR exploration. A few years ago, I had to give myself permission to DNF books that were obviously poorly written. There’s just not enough time in the world to read EVERYthing!

    • Oh, you read it? Yay!

      Thanks friend. I cleaned it up back in 2019, but I need to do some spring cleaning lol. I’m focusing on the hardcore must-read ones.

    • Thanks again for supporting my friend JE Nelson.

      I’m super excited that I’m nearing the end of my immediate TBR and will be able to figure out all the great books in my future.

      Oh, and Animorphs week will be LIT!

  2. I just finished A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks today and now I just plan to continue on with the other books I have ongoing: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, After Care by L.B. Dunbar and Little Women/Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott. After that I’m not really sure what I will pick up.

      • Yay, that’s great news! Speedy recovery my friend. 🙂

        My mom is healing still but strong. She cant afford chemo so that isn’t so great but I’m hopeful somehow she’ll be able to make it happen. It’s just so expensive even with insurance.

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