Book Review: Animorphs #21, The Threat

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I hope your week got off to a great start. As for me, I woke up late this morning and the entire day was hellishly busy. That’s why I was overjoyed when I finished a book on my lunchbreak.

Take that, reality!

The book I finished today is Animorphs #21, The Threat.


This is the second part of the David trilogy, and after the first part, I was super amped to continue on!


“The Threat” is a new Animorph named David. At first he’s a valuable warrior. But as crucial battle plans unfold, the Animorphs realize they’ve made a terrible mistake.

The Review:



I gave this book four and a half stars!

We continue the David trilogy in Jake’s POV. Much like the blurb suggest, what started out as an interesting addition to their team soon sours, turning into something completely different.

Given all that David lost, the Animorphs have given him some serious slack. He’s emotional, rude, and resistant. But with the insane mission ahead of them to save the leaders of the world’s most prominent countries, they don’t have time, or do they?

This book was a great continuation of the David trilogy.

I always love being in Jake’s POV. He’s had to grow up so much in such a short time, and his leadership skills are really put to the test in this book. Trying to understand David’s irrational moods and questionable behavior has him beyond stressed out, but he manages to pull it together and rise to the occasion, while crossing other lines that he usually doesn’t.

The stakes this time couldn’t be higher. I mean, the world’s most influential countries’ leaders are at risk here. What could be bigger than that? David’s attitude, to be honest.

Despite what this kid has been through, I can relate to why he’s so unruly, but with how he treated our fellow Animorphs … Let’s just say Jake has the patience of a saint.

With the action and tension at an all-time high, this book had five star written all over it except for one thing. The explanation of the hologram for me felt really clunky and confusing. It got better with time, but if it confused me you better bet it’s confusing for all the kids who read this series.

That being said, this book was filled with all the great animal-morphing, Yeerk-slaying greatness that we’re all expecting, and I’m raring to read the next one very soon!

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    • Haha yes! I forcibly sneak in reading time at various parts of the day. I have to or I’ll go insane.

      Yeah, other than the hologram blip it was super fun and exciting!

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