Staying Sane in a Social Distancing World: Maintaining Friendships

Hello Everyone,

As you’re well aware, things are a little weird right now. We now currently live in a social distancing world. Those of us that aren’t working in essential businesses are forced to work from home.

Going from a very social environment to being completely remote can be super jarring. It’s been quite a strange journey for me, so I thought today’s random post should be all about the things you can do to reinforce your friendships without being around them physically.

After all, just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t socialize, right?

This is also a great chance for you to tell us all about how you are maintaining your friendships during this difficult time, so don’t hold back from putting your two cents in!

Please note, I’m not an expert on this subject and am hoping that others will be able to add their input to help create communicative solutions.

Electronic Communication


This should be a no-brainer, but our standard forms of existing communication are simply the easiest way to keep up with our friends. Texts/Group Texts, IM’s, Phone calls, Skype, these are all great ways to let people know how you’re doing.

Odds are, your friends are thinking about you too, so don’t wait for them to start a conversation. Reach out, talk about how your cat is driving you crazy, talk about how bored you are. It really doesn’t matter, just talk to people.

I’ll admit I haven’t been texting a ton of my friends, but my friends have suggested interesting and fun new ways to stay in touch, one of which was Zoom.

Zoom is similar to Skype, but you can have multiple participants in a video call on your phone. It worked out pretty well, except we tried to play CatchPhrase on it and that didn’t work very well. Still, it’s great for chatting friends up when you have some downtime.

Netflix Party


I have to say, Netflix Party has been my saving grace this past week or two, and I didn’t even come up with the idea first despite my social butterfly status. My fellow author friend Thea McAlistair did.

The best part about Netflix party is that it’s easy. Simply download the browser extension on Chrome and you’re ready to go! Then you can watch your favorite shows and movies with friends with a chat bar on the right.

Through Netflix Party I learned about Nailed It and am now completely hooked! I love Nicole Byer so much!

Netflix Party is a great, free way to stay in touch and have some laughs in the process for Netflix subscribers.

Video Games


Video games aren’t necessarily for everyone. The first thing you’re probably thinking of is a bunch of frat dudes playing Halo for hours on end chugging beer. But in reality there’s so much more to video games. Lots of platforms have great chat capabilities that will allow you plenty of time with friends and not all games are all about the violence.

Personally, I stopped buying consoles over a decade ago, but I do have Steam. My friends Stacy and Bryan suggested a Tabletop Simulator game on there. I was hesitant at first because it was twenty bucks, but within minutes we were playing all of our favorite board games virtually while chatting it up.

Time got away from me and before I knew it, three hours had passed. It really made my night and made me super happy that we have all these great options out there nowadays.



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Okay, so I’m guilty of not trying this out yet remotely, but I am super excited to try! I love karaoke, and it can be a little nerve-wracking getting up in front of people you don’t know and … oh wait, just you and your friends are singing now? Sign me up!

There are plenty of nonfree apps to use like Smule or MusixMatch, but in an effort to be economical I’m daring to try out some free ones. I bet Zoom would work well with karaoke too, but I won’t know until I try it out.

Wish me luck!

That’s A Wrap!


Well, that’s it for this post.

I know I didn’t have a ton of great recommendations for staying social in these times, but that’s where you come in!

Tell me all about your favorite social apps and how you are staying social!


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  1. I love Nailed it! Some of those episodes are so funny, they should come with a health warning! Netflix play sounds good, and I want to get that virtual board game. Virtual karaoke sounds interesting. I only left my house for doctor appointments before all this, so there’s little difference for me expect I’m seeing more of my two sisters I live with because they’re working from home. Much as I love them, I miss my alone time.

  2. My mother got together with friends when they all drove through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to get coffee, and then they all parked in the parking lot while drinking their coffees and teleconferencing on their cell phones and waving at each other. I thought that was pretty creative.

  3. I had a 4 hour zoom hangout with my friends Saturday night and it totally refreshed me. I’m an introvert and I think I don’t need other people a lot but it turns out I do sometimes! We’re planning a netflix party soon. 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! You know, we all need a little bit of social time in the end, and I’m glad you could refresh your social batteries.

      I’ve had quite a bunch of little virtual hangouts lately, so I’m feeling okay, it’s just the isolation that is still giving me issues.

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