Book Review: The Ring of Death

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Anyways, today I’m giving my book review of The Ring of Death by Montre Bible, the third book in his Heaven Sent series.


Fun fact, I’m currently reading a packaged book that includes both books three and four in the series, so after this I’ll keep going straight into the next one!

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Two years after discovering that they are part angel, Andrew Turner and his twin brother Antonio confront another devil by the name of Ibo. Ibo is an ancient Jinn who’s sole mission is to seek revenge on Donyel, Andrew’s angelic grandfather, for betraying him. Andrew’s life gets disrupted once again in the crossfire of spiritual forces, and he will have to learn fast how to use his new powers if he plans on defeating this new evil in his family’s life.

The Review:



I gave this book three stars.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve really enjoyed this series thus far, but there were some things I couldn’t ignore this time around that kind of bugged me.

Following up from the first book two years later, this book focuses on Andrew and his twin Antonio as they continue their lives into college while still wrestling with their innate powers.

Time has moved on, and things have been peaceful, but when signs of evil begin to manifest, the brothers, their friends and family are forced to fight their own demons as well as the ones after them.

As always, there were some great elements to this story.

The characters first and foremost I felt were for the most part authentically themselves. Andrew is a great protagonist, and though his flaws aren’t huge, they are still there. Antonio … where do I begin? This guy is as stubborn as I am and then some.

I really felt that there was a lot of character progression with each of our characters. The twins, Anthony (dad), and Courtney were all in a growing stage of their lives, and it was nice to see that portrayed.

I also did enjoy the Christian-based theme despite my not being religious. There was some wisdom instilled in this book, and I found it inspirational and uplifting.

Unfortunately, there were two main things that dragged my rating down for this book.

First and foremost was the formatting. At first I thought I was crazy when I caught some typos and sentence structure/formatting issues, but throughout the book it was consistent. I believe that with another round of edits this book could be improved in the grammatical sense. Normally I don’t make a huge deal of this, but it really pulled me out of the story when one sentence was great and the next sounded funny because of the wording.

The plot also was a little bit lacking for me. Don’t get me wrong, the characters and what was happening in the book kept me entertained, but being that this book is titled The Ring of Death I don’t feel that the main plotline described in the blurb was really resolved by the end.

We were kind of left on a cliffhanger (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it), which Bible hasn’t done before. I was a little confused since his last two books had a good build up, established a central issue, and by the end resolved it.

This kind of felt more like a ramp up to an adventure than the actual adventure itself if that makes any sense.

All in all, I did have fun with this book, and I’m hoping that the next installment concludes some of the plot that wasn’t resolved by the end of this book.

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  1. LOL yep busted. I THOUGHT i took it off market grrrr (you find everything) but I wrote it during a crazy time in my life… when I was in los angeles. i divided the book in two parts because it was so damn long. Actually, Heaven’s Ghost is the completed version. …still long but formatted in a way so I didnt have to charge $30 to print 😛

    • Lol I couldnt find the third or fourth book on it’s own, just both together in the one book so I was just like “okay I’ll buy this one then.”

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