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This time around I’m reviewing The Seers by Katherine Bennet.


Fun fact, Katherine and I go way back to my Scribophile days. I actually read part of one of the first drafts of this book years ago, and this has been collecting dust for far too long in my TBR, so I was determined to give this one the full read it deserves.


Nora is a Seer, and the Seers must die.

Exiled from an advanced and secretive scientific society and her memories erased, Nora lives a mundane life with no idea that she’s a rare, genetically enhanced probability expert. When a pair of eccentric strangers show up at her door with wild claims about her past, Nora is skeptical—right up to the point when a pair of futuristic soldiers storm her home with guns drawn, making the warning clear: outside the protection of her society, she’s being hunted.

In a rival society, Annabel is searching for a way to take back her power to rule from her brother. Killing Nora would finally level the battlefield between the societies, giving Annabel everything she’d need to regain her role, but her brother has a plan of his own. Ordering a dangerous, experimental procedure, he hopes to make Annabel a Seer giving him the upper hand in the war. Kept as little more than an asset at his disposal afterward, Annabel can trust no one, not even her old friend Jasper, her brother’s most-trusted adviser. With or without allies, she has a new mission now. She’s going to take her brother down.

With the hunt closing in, Nora is forced to seek the help of a fiery outsider she can’t remember, but he certainly remembers her—and not fondly. Together, they’ll have to fight against the full force of their society, which intends to use them as weapons in their war. Will Nora be able to summon enough of the person she used to be to save herself and her society?

The Review:



I gave this book four Niotian stars!

This was a great, action-filled novel.

We start with Nora (Leonora), a woman working in Minnesota hating her job. Since moving there, she felt like a huge piece of her has been missing. She longs for an escape, for something more. You know the old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’? That definitely applies here.

After heading home, Nora is thrust into an epic battle between two hidden and technologically advanced people, the Niotians and the Tavians. Who can she trust? Will she ever be safe again? And why do they want her? Nora’s journey takes her to places she never imagined on an adventure that will test her will and cunning.

I really enjoyed this book. There were a lot of great elements that worked so well for me.

For starters, the concept and plot really did it for me. Two races of tech-saavy geniuses battling each other? Count me in! The mystery of how Nora fit into everything kept me going throughout, and bit by bit we learn more about the past and the secrets behind it all. There were plenty of plot twists and action-packed thrills along the way, and I was all about it.

The characters were strong too. Nora, Annabel, Tobin, Jasper, they all really hit their marks quite flawlessly. They each had a unique perspective that I enjoyed, and though at times I did think there was a tad too much internal thought, if I were in that situation my mind would’ve been racing constantly too.

The level of detail was amazing. I could picture each scene clearly in my head, and it all rolled out like a movie, at least for me. A lot of authors can’t do that, but Bennet did a wonderful job of that.

If I had to pick at anything (to be fair), I would say that the romance element got a little thick for me at times, but I’m also not a romance buff and I understood that there would be plenty of it going in. That being said, the romance was believable given the intriguing past of our characters.

Overall, this was a fun-filled read filled with all the thrills I crave, and I’m excited to read more from this author in the future!

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  1. It’s a high-stakes story for sure. I thought the cover had a romance vibe, and now that I read your review it makes sense.

    In my last post, I remembered to mention Reaper being free Sunday. I hope you get lots of downloads in anticipation of the sequel coming out soon!

    • Yeah, the thrills were totally there and kept me going, though I thought it was a smidge romance heavy (by my standards at least).

      Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you!

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