Mail, mail, what’s in the mail?

Happy Hump Day Folks!

Is it really Wednesday? Hm, feels more like a Friday if you ask me. Maybe that’s what makes it even more of a Wednesday. Shoot, I don’t know.

Kudos for making it this far into the week. You can do this!

True to form, I’ve been ordering more and more books lately and may need to ban myself soon. But before I do any of that nonsense, let’s see what came in the mail and Kindle lately!

First, the mail!

Mail Purchases

Animorphs #39 – 43


It’s almost surreal that I’m purchasing these books already. Right now I’m at #30 in the series, but knowing myself I’ll be blazing through these in no time, so it’s best to be prepared, right?

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden


I kind of jumped the gun on this purchase, but I will be reading this one with Iseult Murphy in June for our buddy read. I’ve heard it’s very creepy, so I can’t wait!

Kindle Purchases

Okay, I kind of went off the deep end, so I’m just going to post the covers of the books I bought on impulse. Save me!

The best part about these is that all were $1.50 or less, so if you want a cheap ebook, check these out!

It’s a good mix of Scifi, Superhero, and short story, and I’m super excited about all of these. Stay tuned, but some of these will take quite a while to get to since my TBR’s already spinning wildly out of control!


That’s a Wrap!

All righty book worms, that’s what’s in the mail for me today. How about you? Get any packages or have some coming that you’re excited about?

Tell me all about it in the comments!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

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    • Right? Very unique and instantly had me interested. Plus the sample I skimmed over was really good and smooth.

      Thanks friend! I just gotta find more time somewhere to read.

  1. I won a giveaway recently and that package came in the mail. It was the entire Smythe-Smith Quartet by Julia Quinn which are historical romances. That’s the only books I’ve gotten. I did get a couple other packages in the mail but they were all skin care and nail care stuff and I am waiting on one other package which is more nail care stuff.

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