April In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Happy Friday World!

Can you believe that April’s sped by already? I sure can.

This month was odd for everyone. People stayed and worked at home, and that has caused something of a strange situation. Time doesn’t really seem to exist the same way it did before, and while my state is due to open most businesses back up by May 15th, I’m already dreading going back to work.

Hopefully that won’t happen until June. I’ve had some real issues this month maintaining work-life balance with all the overtime I’ve been working, and quite frankly, I’ve had enough. At some point you just have to draw the line and say ‘no more.’

Work drama aside, this month has actually been really good for me. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?


Writing Conquests

April was a really strong month for me in terms of writing.

This month I finished polishing up the entire first act, which is now ready for alpha reading.

This past week I also started my edits on the second act, but unfortunately only got through the first chapter due to how much work I’ve been putting into my dayjob. Still, I’m very hopeful and ready to continue the adventure!

While I go through my edits, why not find out where all the Reaper madness started with my debut novella?


If you like chills, thrills, Halloween, or creature features this book is for you!

It’s available on Amazon free for members of Kindle Unlimited. Check it out!

Bookish Conquests

On the bookish side of things this month, I really outdid myself! I read 8 books and 4 short stories.

Almost every single book and short story read got at least a four star rating from me, so if you are on the lookout for a great book recommendation, definitely consider these or check out my reviews below.

Heaven’s Ghost Review

Dark Crossings Review

Animorphs #28 Review

Thornhill Review

The Seers Review

Little Free Library Review

Animorphs #29 Review

The Mourner’s Cradle Review

Patient Zero Review

Animorphs #29.5 Review

Movie & Series Conquests

On the watching side of things, I think things went pretty well. I was able to review six movies/series.


I really enjoyed five out of the six movies and series I watched, with the odd one out being Girl on the Third Floor. If you’re looking for some great movies and series, definitely check these out!

The Girl with All the Gifts Review

Parasite Review

Next in Fashion Review

The Room Review

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Review

Girl on the Third Floor Review

That’s a Wrap!

All right, there goes the month of April. How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!

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  1. So sorry to hear you’re still struggling with job issues. Didn’t you move recently? Is it time to look for a new job, maybe one closer to your new place?

    I want to watch The Platform this weekend on Netflix. It’s a sci-fi horror or maybe near-future dystopian, something like that. Anyway, it’s got good reviews, so I’m gonna give it a go.

    • Yeah, I’m just no longer willing to put up with this crap anymore, though I’ll have to until I find something else. I would love to find something in North KC but am unsure if that’s really a possibility. But who knows, maybe I will!

      I move on the 15th right before my bday on the 18th and asked to extend my days off since I left my writing trip early and didn’t take the day off in April I was supposed to get.

      Ooo I’ve heard of that, but haven’t seen it yet. I started Deadcon last night but didn’t finish it yet. I’ll put The Platform on my list for sure.

  2. Great month, Jonny! April flew past. I hope May is more normal paced. Perhaps things will be a bit better with your work situation when you return to the physical building?

    So glad to hear Reaper 2: Reaping Day is going well. Looking forward to reading it.

    I got Mourner’s Cradle. Looking forward to reading it.

    • Thanks!

      For me it felt very slow but that’s probably because of work. I honestly dont want to go back, but I just meditated and am feeling a smidge better (my whole body tingled and I left my body for a few moments. I guess that means I really needed to let go lol) . Although that’s not a permanent fix.

      Ooo yay! I hope you like it!

      Ps: I should have Shutter on Wednesday FINALLY so we can read it and the prequel then if that’s okay w your schedule.

  3. I can’t imagine how much struggle everyone is going to have once it’s time to get back on that commuting routine post-pandemic. I feel like it might psychologically break many…

    Glad to see you saw and enjoyed Spider-Verse and Parasite! Two of the best movies of last year. 😀

    Hope May will prove to be fantastic for you, sir.

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