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Last night, I finished my most recent read, Sons of Heaven, the 5th book in Montre Bible‘s Heaven Sent series.


This is the last current book in his series, and while I had fun, it’s time to move on to other series. A big part of my TBR quest going forward was to finish what I started, and I did just that with this series. Proud of myself!

Alright, review time!


Montré Bible returns with the long-awaited, “Sons of Heaven”; the fifth installment of the Heaven Sent Series. Andrew Turner is a nineteen-year-old with supernatural powers and is bringing in the New Year with a new adventure he never expected. A mysterious demon hunter named Haadiyah reveals that she is his half-sister and needs his help to find Valerie Larue, a rogue demon hunter that’s killing innocents in the city. Andrew and his twin brother take on the task to help only to discover their role in the bigger picture of the world and how their fallen angel-grandfather, Donyel, is involved. Andrew discovers new knowledge and comes face-to-face with an elder race of angelic beings called Anunakim. As he and his family delve deeper into the supernatural world that coexists parallel to ours, Andrew has to decide whether he will move forward and sacrifice everything he loves to take his rightful place as a Son of Heaven.


The Review:



I gave this book three and a half stars!

Following up on the last book’s events, Andrew and Antonio’s half sister Haadiyah comes to them, explaining that she needs their help hunting down a possessed demon hunter Valerie Larue.

She’s skilled, powerful, and is attacking innocents, falsely claiming them to be demons before killing them.

Can Andrew and Antonio step up to the challenge? What other secrets and revelations await them?

This was a decent read, and plenty of things worked well for me.

The characters I felt were largely true to themselves. Andrew and Antonio were their same selves with a decent amount of character progression along the way. I did like Haadiyah, although she seemed to have a one-track mind. Maybe we’ll get more depth from her later on in the series.

The concept was intriguing enough to keep me going. Valerie is a character from one of the other books, and I was curious to see how she now fit in to everything that was happening.

However, the plot was where I did have a couple issues. I felt the pacing of this book could’ve been a bit better. Much of the time we spend navigating this kind of X-Men of demon hunters theme, and while I loved the concept of it, I don’t know if enough was happening in the book about halfway through.

There was a pretty big plot twist about 60-70% through involving the Anunakim, and as much as I wanted to get behind the idea, I feel that the execution left me wanting a bit more structure and less info being given to me. It was a bit much to swallow, and I think things may have been easier if we would’ve stuck to the whole X-Men demon hunter thing and have them hunt down Valerie to exorcise her.

Despite my conflicting feelings, I did have fun with this Christian urban fantasy read. The ending was quite the shocker, and I’m definitely willing to give the next book a go once it comes out.

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  1. Sounds like a good story even if the pacing got off track. Pacing seems like an elusive thing (to me), so much so that I bought a book on the subject called Fiction Pacing by Rayne Hall. Maybe it’ll help me grasp the concept better.

    • Yeah, the story was there for sure!

      Pacing can definitely be tough. That’s why I’m taking longer on my second act. Lots to think about.

      Oh nice! Let me know if you think it is helpful.

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