Movie Review – The Furies (Shudder)


Movie Blurb:

A woman is kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.

My Review:

Lately I’ve been putting on movies in the background with Shudder (there’s an auto play feature that’s very random) while I cross stitch. Typically, the movies aren’t very good, but when this one came on I was intrigued and had to watch to completion.

A number of women are taken, then hunted to the death by strange, masked men.

It’s a very simple premise, and that’s a big part of what made this work for me.¬†The plot is very cut and dry. Clearly these women are trying to escape from these men and obtain freedom. Bloody battles ensue, and naturally I loved all the horror of it.

The characters weren’t too complex, and I think this is where I had issues. We don’t really get to know any characters well and there’s a lack of depth there. It would’ve been nice to see more to them than what meets the eye. Then we would’ve at least had some kind of emotional connection to them.

Also, the ending felt a little clich√© and didn’t completely make sense in my opinion.

I think if this one was thought out just a bit more it could’ve been something amazing, but as it is now it’s still not a bad movie if you’re looking for some great gorey battles to the death. Just don’t expect anything all that complicated.

Happy watching!

Final Score



That’s it for this movie review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!


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