My First BookFunnel Promo!

Hello Blogisphere!

Today I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined BookFunnel.


This is a monthly subscription service that allows indie authors like me pool together to create promos for sales, free copies, or to build their following.

With the release of Conscience, I wanted to get more strategic about spreading the word on my works, so I joined.

I’ve signed up for several promos, but this one is the first, entitled Science Fiction & Fantasy on Kindle Unlimited. I’m so grateful to be included in this promo with my new release Conscience!


Now, to be included in promos like this one, I need to build a “good reputation”, which means I need to share links to promos with as many people as possible.

If I don’t, I risk being removed from the promo and excluded from other promos. *insert very sad Jonny face here*

For each click on the photo above and link below, I get “points”. These points don’t affect you in any way, shape, or form and is free, but it does boost my reputation.

So what I’m asking is, Please click on the image or link below and look over the promos for just a minute or two. It’s a huge way to help not only me but others advertise their books in a budget-friendly way, and you don’t have to buy anything. I appreciate your support!


PS: Going forward I’ll make similar posts to this one with a bit less jabber, but know that I appreciate everything you do and am happy to support any fellow BookFunnel folks with some clicks!


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