Book Review: Animorphs #39, The Hidden

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I hope you are having a nice start to labor day weekend. I just found out some family is coming in town on Sunday and I get to see them, so I’m really excited about that.

With Friday off, I finished another book yesterday night at warp speed! This time around I read Animorphs #39, The Hidden by KA Applegate.


Something seemed familiar about this one, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, so I just dove in!



The Yeerks plan to use the Helmacron ship they have repaired to capture the Andalites and track down Elfangor’s blue cube–the cube that gives Cassie, and the other animorphs the ability to morph.


The Review:



Yes, another great Animorphs book!

I gave this one four and a half stars.

I’m really happy this one turned out well. When the blurb referenced the Helmacrons I couldn’t stop my eyes from rolling. They are literally the worst alien species in this universe. However, I was delightfully surprised with this read.

This time around we are in Cassie’s POV, and once again we are given a thought-provoking journey.

This is one of the shortest Animorphs books and things kick off quickly. Erek warns Cassie that the blue box is in danger and that the Yeerks are using Helmacron technology to track it. The Animorphs jump into gear, playing a game of hide-and-seek until they can figure out a way to stop their evil plans.

Cassie was great this time around. She’s clearly the hero of this whole operation, and she showcases her love of animals this time in unexpected ways. Seeing her go through these emotions as the plot developed actually made me feel really sad, and I loved every minute.

The other characters don’t really get too much limelight, but they’re there and portrayed well.

The plot was great, probably because most of this story was action. If the Yeerks get their hands on the blue box it’s all over. I liked how things developed, and there wasn’t a dull moment. Oh, and I’m super happy the focus is on the Helmacron technology, not the actual Helmacrons themselves. Jesus they are annoying.

Some of the morphing philosophies they developed didn’t always make the most sense, but other than that, most everything was in its right place, and I loved this book.

Definitely worth a read!


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