Book Review: The Darkest Touch

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How’s the week treating you so far? Fall just hit here in KC, so I’m extremely excited to get out in nature really soon. This is my time of year to run circles around the summer people, hahaha!

Anywho, today I’m reviewing a book I finished yesterday called The Darkest Touch by Joseph Sale.

My friend Iseult Murphy recommended this to me, and she had me at ‘dark X-men’. Supernatural abilities? A Post-apocalyptic world? Lots of horror? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one.

So what did I think? On to the review!



In the aftermath of a world-wide nuclear conflict, dark forces have taken control in New York City.

Gifted with powers beyond reckoning, the Touched have inherited the after world, instating their own notion of order, and killing all who oppose their rule.

But rebels are gathering, along with strange voices that sound in the deep, and the dark city is about to go even darker.


The Review:

I gave this book four and a half fabulous stars!

I really enjoyed this read. It came at the recommendation of a friend, and I was sold after noticing the genres presented were a combination of apocalyptic, horror, and superpowers. I love all of those things, so I was super excited.

In a nutshell, this book is about a post-apocalyptic world where a group of super-powered ‘apostles’ and their ‘prince’ have caused the end of the world. Now the world is an echo of what it once was, and the prince spends his time ensuring no one else threatens his supremacy over New York City. But when a young girl is visited by the prince, it sets off a series of events that threaten to topple his empire.

There were so many great things about the book.

I think my favorite element was the characters. There was a large cast of characters, and though that usually is a negative for me, it really worked well in this story. I had this childlike excitement about getting to know all the apostles and what their powers were. I guess some things never cease to mesmerize me. Each character had a distinct personality that set them apart, which can be hard to pull off given the length of this book.

The plot was extremely fascinating. I mean, you have a world that already ended, and with that comes a ton of questions. What happened? What is life like now? Will the world recover? There’s a whole world to explore in this novel, and I enjoyed the apocalyptic theme immensely. The prince is convinced that someone is trying to take away his empire, and there’s a huge element of mystery throughout where he and his disciples are trying to figure it out. It was a fun ride!

I also liked the dark theme in the writing. It can be quite hard to pull off, but through the characters we get to experience their unique losses, and that helped flesh out this despairing world in a somber view.

If I had to pick at anything, I would say near the end I think the writing might’ve gotten a smidge clunky here and there, and Dina’s viewpoint, while strong, didn’t really capture my attention all that much, although I could easily blame it on the amazing superpowered apostles that I loved.

All in all, this was a wonderful book, and I’m excited to read more of this author’s works in the future. Definitely worth a read!


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  1. Hello Jonathan. I am really delighted you enjoyed The Darkest Touch! It was my first-ever professionally published book, so it means a lot to me still when I see reviews of it go up. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the time and energy you put in writing this. I really appreciate it.

    • Hi Joseph,
      Thanks! Iseult is a big fan and her enthusiasm really rubbed off on me. Definitely not the last book of yours that I’ll be reading.

      Would you care to do an interview?

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