Book Review: Animorphs #42, The Journey

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Guess what? It’s book review time again!

I know, I know, I’m insane for reading this much, but it just feels right, ya know?

This time I continued my read of the Animorphs saga with #42, The Journey.

Okay, so when I read the blurb my stomach nearly fell outta my butt. The Helmacrons? AGAIN? Are you freaking kidding me?! We already had two books of them and they’re not all that and a bag of chips!

After a well deserved temper tantrum, I stuck to my guns. I am no fairweather reader! So what did I think? Let’s get into the review!


The Helmacrons need more power to escape the earth’s atmosphere, so they have returned to demand the morphing cube. When Rachel tries to destroy their ship, the tiny egomaniacs bail — right into Marco’s left nostril. And the other Animorphs have to get them out before the little aliens do some real damage.


The Review:

I gave this book two stars.

I’m extremely underwhelmed by this one. If I could get the time I invested in this back I would, believe me.

But before I trash this any more, let’s get into why this book was such a stinker.

In this novel, Rachel/Marco share the spotlight in another Helmacron adventure. After a successful mission against the Yeerks, our animal-morphing friends go back to Cassie’s barn when they are interrupted by the Helmacrons. Despite being thwarted, they are back and demanding the morphing cube Elfangor gave them. Through some more strange events, the Helmacrons end up in Marco’s nose and the Animorphs give chase after using the shrinking ray, worried about his safety.

Alright, so not very much worked for me at all this time.

The strongest part was probably the first chapter that had nothing to do with the Helmacrons. The Animorphs were on a mission to stop mass production of Kandrona ray generators. Now that should’ve been the focus of this book! But alas, it wasn’t.

The plot was flimsy at best. Obviously this journey is all about preventing the Helmacrons from hurting Marco internally, but it was disappointing given the state of the Yeerk invasion. The whole thing just felt like a bunch of filler and didn’t evoke any emotion from me at all. Why even bother with this pointless side adventure?

There’s a minimally-interesting side plot with Marco once the Animorphs are inside him, but the logic of it made no sense. Marco clearly had an opportunity to get what he was questing after but made up an excuse. Okayyy…

The characters had no progression and like I just mentioned, logic felt like a second thought.

Overall, I just really want to forget this disappointing experience and move on. Here’s hoping the next one won’t be as bad!


That’s a Wrap!

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  1. “When Rachel tries to destroy their ship, the tiny egomaniacs bail — right into Marco’s left nostril” – This actually made me laugh out loud.

    “The characters had no progression”. Can you elaborate on this any? I’m interested to know what you were expecting to see regarding the characters ‘progression’. Thank you for sharing the review.

    • Yeah it was humorous to say the least. I just dont really care for the Helmacrons.

      On progression, there is sometimes either a moral question being posed or the characters are sometimes going through teen issues. I like it when they add that depth to the stories.

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