Book Review: Animorphs #43, The Test

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This time around I read Animorphs #43, The Test by KA Applegate.

I didn’t really know anything about this Animorphs book, so I just dove in like usual.



Tobias, the other Animorphs, and Ax have seen things so bizarre that no sane person would believe their story. No one would believe that aliens have taken over Earth, and are in the process of infesting as many humans as possible. No one could believe the battles and missions and losses these six kids have had to deal with. And it’s not over yet.

Tobias has been captured by the same human-Controller that nearly tortured him to death once before. She claims that she’s now a part of the Yeerk Peace Movement. That she just needs a favor. Tobias isn’t sure what to believe, but he knows that if the Animorphs and Ax don’t find him soon, what he believes won’t matter anymore…


The Review:

I gave this book three and a half stars.

Overall this was an entertaining installment in the Animorphs saga, but could’ve been better.

This time around we’re in Tobias’s POV. After saving a young boy’s life, Tobias finds himself captured by the controller Taylor who tortured him before. Only this time she wants something from him and the other Animorphs. What could it be? Can they trust her? Or could this just be another trap?

Tobias was overall portrayed pretty well. His reflection on the torture he went through and how that broke him really resonated well. I think he had a great inner journey. The other Animorphs seem to fit their normal roles, although I thought Cassie was a bit too tree-hugging this time around. At some point they are destined to make horrible decisions, and that time is now, so I disagree with her biased viewpoint.

As far as the plot goes, yay, another mission! Some of the recent books have gotten a bit off track from the big picture, and this brought things back to where they should be in my opinion. The stakes are high this time because there is potential to take out Visser Three according to Taylor, and the mystery element was good. The whole time I kept second guessing myself if she was speaking the truth or just lying to them to get what she truly wanted underneath it all. That kept me on my toes.

However, there was a rather large plot hole at the beginning. After Tobias is first injured after saving the boy, he has several chances to escape, but he didn’t take them. Some of it was justified with worries that his morphing would show on camera or something to that effect, but with his life on the line, I had a hard time believing he would just sit there and do nothing.

I also found myself a bit disappointed by the end of the book. Like come on, we are on book 43 now. We need some more epic plots here! Yes, this was entertaining but it didn’t wow me by any means, and if they don’t start making some serious dings in the Yeerks’ plans, what good will all their struggles do?

Overall, this installment of the series was exciting, and though I was a bit disappointed, I think there was enough character progression with Tobias to make this one worth reading.


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