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While we wait for it to come, I’ve got another book review to share.

This time around it’s Suburban Secrets, the debut novel of Tiffany Renee Harmon.

Fun fact, I know the author! Tiffany and I became friends on WordPress when I first started branching out to authors last year. I had the great opportunity to interview her (check it out here), and knew she had serious talent since reading a short story of hers.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about this book before taking the plunge, but I just had to experience more of Harmon’s delightful writing. On to the review!



Angela Carmichael feels like an imposter in her idyllic neighborhood. Surrounded by seemingly perfect families, Angela is just doing her best to stay afloat as a single mother and freelance writer. But when a neighborhood boy goes missing, and danger seems to lurk behind every white picket fence, Angela becomes determined to uncover the secrets and lies of her community in order to keep her daughter safe.


The Review:

I gave this novel four fantastic stars!

I’m a big fan of Harmon’s, and I was overall really happy with this book.

In a nutshell, Suburban Secrets is a light mystery set in suburbia. Angela, a single mother, has enough of a hard time supporting her kid Grace and fitting into the landscape of overbearing parents, but when her best friend’s kid goes missing, she scrambles to do the right thing. Can they find the child? Did he simply run off, or could something much darker have happened?

Let’s start with characters. I personally liked the main character Angela. She has a lot of great traits. Intelligence, determination, resiliency. But she’s also a good mom, and that resonated with me. She doubts herself in the sea of seemingly perfect parents, but she does what’s right for her family and I had a lot of respect for her. I do feel like in small spots she may have overguessed herself a smidgen, but that’s just my opinion and it didn’t really hurt the journey of reading this book. Major shout out to Kate for being a great supporting character.

The plot was simple and started out pretty cozy, blossoming into something a bit more harrowing. I’m actually a fan of suburbs, so I enjoyed the surroundings and situations that were presented. It was easy to envision what was going on in each scene, and Harmon does it with ease. I enjoyed the mystery element presented and it really kept me turning those pages quickly.

The writing was nice and simple without too much fluff, so major kudos for Harmon using the KISS method. I’m big on that.

Overall, this was a solid mystery debut novel from this author and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. She’s definitely got a bright future. Give this one a shot!


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