Book Review: Domna, Part Six: The Solon’s Wife

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I’ve been on a reading binge of the Domna series, and this afternoon I finished the last installment, Part Six: The Solon’s Wife.



The Solon is ill. If he dies, Sofia will be forced not only to fight for her son’s right to rule, but will also face making good on a promise she made to the gods long ago. A promise she no longer wishes to fulfill.

As fate catapults her from joy to sorrow, from hope to despair, and from certainty to doubt, Sofia finds herself trapped between her two strongest desires.
In this final part of the Domna serial, the struggle for power grows to its deadliest proportions yet and the choices Sofia must make will tear her world apart.


The Review:

I gave this novel four and a half stars!

In this concluding installment of the Domna series, the stakes have never been higher. Sirius is on the brink of death, and soon Sofia finds herself in yet another agonizingly complicated situation. Will the realm of Osteria’s ruler survive, and if not, what then? Who will rule the kingdom?

This was a great final book in the series, full of heartache and perseverance.

Sofia once again shows her wit, resolve, and inner strength as she navigates her continually changing life. She has a lot of character progression in this one, and with it being the last book I desperately hoped she would survive to see a brighter tomorrow for the kingdom of Osteria.

Many of the other characters were great. Lucius and Macrinus were my favorites because I always root for the good guys, but the arrogant Geta and his following also intrigued me as well, despite my loathing for him. Also, can I just say that Heliollo is the most terrifying 15-year old I’ve ever met? Yikes!

The plot was phenomenal! Just when things seemed to be getting better for Sofia, bam! It’s all threatened to be taken away yet again. Each chapter was riveting due to the high stakes involved. The first part centered on Sirius and the consequences of what happens soon after that, but I personally enjoyed the middle part of the book the most. I loved the bizarre and heart-wrenching homecoming that Sofia experiences and what happens soon thereafter.

This was an extremely satisfying end of a Greek tragedy that will break your heart over and over again, and I definitely won’t forget this journey anytime soon.

Definitely worth a read!


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  1. Oh man, I almost forgot about Helliolo. Yeah, that kid is MESSED UP!! I have to say, I did have a load of fun tormenting my characters in these final two parts of the story. I’m thrilled to know my cruelty resulted in a satisfying end :))

    Oh, side note…there is a historical basis for Helliolo and his antics…which is more than a little scary.

    • Yeah, I also think his scary deep voice was unsettling. Reminded me of Xerxes from 300. *shudder*

      Oh man, that is really chilling that it’s based on historical references.

      You definitely ripped my heart out with those last few chapters. Well done!

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