Book Review: The Hill (The Spread, Book 1)

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Today I’m sharing my review of The Hill (The Spread, Book 1) by Iain Wright.


This is a book that I found on my Amazon search for bestsellers in my preferred genre of reading/writing, horror.

The blurb really pulled me in, and after I begged my library to buy the books in this series, they did just that! Once this book was on the shelves I put a hold on it and dove right in.

So what did I think? Keep on scrolling!



An ancient land breeds a new threat…

The Scottish Highlands; a sparse, mountainous region some say was carved by the gods themselves. Few places are as untouched as this harsh, prehistoric landscape. It is no place for man.

But nestled deep within the wilderness lies a cottage, and behind that cottage is a hill…

When a group of friends travel up from Manchester and hire the cottage for a weekend of boozy fun, they discover a threat far greater than the harsh landscape and unwelcoming weather.

Something deadly lies upon the hill.

And it’s spreading.



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The Review:

This is my first time reading something by this author, and I had a good time!

In a nutshell, affianced Ryan and his friends go to a remote location in the Scottish Highlands to have a bachelor party (stag do). But soon after they arrive they discover something sinister that threatens all of their lives, something that’s spreading.

I love horror novels, and while this wasn’t perfect it was very entertaining. This was probably more of a 3.75 for me, but I don’t give quarter stars so I’m rounding it up.

Integral to the story were Ryan and his friends. I think all of the characters were executed pretty well. They weren’t the most original I’ve ever seen, but they had enough depth and history observed through their interactions to make things interesting. I will say, the slang used in their dialogue was a little jarring at first (Midwest guy here), but I got used to it and it stopped slowing me down after a while.

The plot typically draws me in with horror books, and this book is no exception. From the cover I was expecting something viral or fungal as the monster, and I was pleasantly surprised by how original the concept was. I love fast-paced stories, and this definitely fits the bill. There was tons of action and a good, tense build up to keep me on my toes throughout. I also really enjoyed the ending.

I did think from time to time some of the characters did very trope-y things, like too much dialogue in action heavy spots where it really isn’t time for a chat, or the occasional questionable logic, again in an action scene, but it wasn’t an ever present issue.

Given everything I’ve said this was a fun, short horror novel with plenty of thrills to keep your blood pumping. I highly recommend giving this a chance, and I’ve decided to continue on with the series. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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    • Aha, so have I!

      This was a lot of fun, though I do wish some of the action he would slow down a bit. Sometimes he would make things jump so fast it was a little discombobulating.

      Yeah, for sure! I love having my library buy the books instead of me lol!

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