Book Review: The Vampire Connoisseur

Hello vampire lovers and bloodthirsty fans,

Halloween is over. Bummer, I know. But that doesn’t mean the blood fest has to end! I’m continuing my horror reads with a review of The Vampire Connoisseur.

Okay, I’ll admit, I mainly bought this vampire anthology because my great friend Priscilla Bettis (you can check out her awesome blog here or my interview with her here) is one of the featured stories. After following her for a long while here on WordPress, I just had to get a good sampling of her work!

Also, if there’s one thing we authors know, it’s that supporting your indies is very important, so please consider giving this a look at the links below!

Alrighty, on to the book review!





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The Review

It’s always been hard for me to rate an anthology, but here goes!

I’ve been a fan of vampires since I read some of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles in high school. They were my first supernatural creature, and I’ll always have a soft spot for the vengeful bloodsuckers.

Going into this book, I had high hopes. There’s plenty of room to reimagine the concept of vampires. Overall, I had a good time!

Favorites of mine were The Red Angel, A Fiend Indeed, The Sun Sets Nonetheless, Splinter, and Take Me Home Tonight. Each of these had a unique take on vampires that made it hard to stop flipping those pages, especially The Red Angel, The Sun Sets Nonetheless, and Take Me Home Tonight. These stories really made this book shine!

Honorable mention goes to A Visit from Saint Vic. We don’t see enough Christmas-themed vampire stories out there!

I will say that in between my favorite were a number of stories that felt a bit lackluster in comparison (that dragged my rating down a bit), but I did enjoy each story in some way, so they each have their merit.

Overall, this anthology had some real gems within, and I had fun exploring these vampiric worlds and realities. If you’re looking for new vampire stories by talented indie authors, definitely pick this book up!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Jonny, and thanks for reviewing The Vampire Connoisseur.:-) You’re right, it IS hard to review anthologies. It’s rare that I like every story because of the different story themes and writing styles. I usually do what you did and pick out the ones that stood out as faves.

    • Very welcome! Your story was so much fun. 🙂 I knew you were a great writer! Yeah, with every anthology will be a few duds, but hopefully like this one the ones that shine make the difference.

      • Haha, fair point. I hadn’t read a vampire book for months before reading these. I’m also overdue for a zombie read in the near future. So many books, so little time!

      • Oh! If you’re still sticking to quick reads? Check out Mira Grant’s ‘Final Girls’ it’s a great sci-fi horror. That’s about as close to vampire/zombies as I’ve been in a while.
        And I know.. isn’t it great? 😁

      • Oh, that sounds right up my alley! Just added to my TBR. I’ll have to see if my library has it or not. Yeah, I have this zombie series I could start, but it has to be when I’m in between semesters in grad school because it’s like 9 books.

      • Oh, I bet! My library doesn’t seem to have her stuff, but I can put in a suggestion and they’ll usually buy it. 🙂

        Sure, it’s the Dead Meat series (zombies) by Nick Clausen. He’s another author that I almost always rate a 4-5.

      • Well, that sucks! Hopefully they’re able to get it for you, it’s a really great read. She has a zombie series too called “Feed”.. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but it’s supposedly fantastic.

        Dead.. Meat. I don’t know if that sounds questionable or promising. Lets go with.. Both. I’ll definitely check it out, though! 😋

      • Basically I just tell them what I want and they always get it, with one exception because they had something in a different format that I didn’t see.

        Actually feed is on my tbr, but books do go there to die lol.

        Lol look up some of my nick Clausen reviews. I can almost guarantee it’ll be good, but you could always wait and see what I think once I get to it.

      • That’s nice.. our library is a little too small to be very helpful. I mostly stick to reading e-books now.

        And that really is what happens, isn’t it? 😂

        Why choose? I’ll check him out And keep my eye out for your reviews.. I probably won’t be able to get to his stuff all that soon anyway.

      • Oh I feel you. I used to use another library and their selection and process of adding to their collection left a lot to be desired. My current library is amazing, I definitely know a lot can’t compare. I like ebooks too mainly but they usually have the physical books available.

        Lol it really is. I have some that have been on there since 2014.

        Sounds like a plan! Actually if you sign up on his website you get a bunch of free stories to see if you like him or not.

      • That sounds wonderful. I miss having the option of losing a few hours in a good library. E-books are great for convenience and all but holding a book in your hands, the smell, the pages.. Not much beats it.

        Oh wow! I only just started putting together a Tbr at the beginning of the year and it’s already out of hand.. I don’t want to imagine what it will look like in 5+ years!

        That’s pretty cool, I’ll look into that, thanks! And his ‘Dead Meat’ series sounds like a young adult Dawn of the Dead.. I might actually read that.

      • Yeah, I usually don’t browse the stacks at mine due to how crazy my TBR is, but I think from time to time it’s nice to just browse and see what’s there that you may not have seen before.

        I totally agree! Nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands.

        Haha, get ready, because your TBR is gonna go nuts! I think I have 600 or so books in my to-read pile. It used to be 800 though, so I feel like I’ve gotten a bit better at managing it and occasionally taking a second look and getting rid of books I’m not really all that into.

        Sure thing! I just have a few more weeks of grad school, then I’ll try to give Dead Meat a shot.

      • I’ve always loved getting lost in libraries and book stores, you can find all kinds of new adventures you might not have on here.

        Tablets are great.. they’re just not the same!

        Bring it on! My Tbr..s can handle it!

        I have five Tbr lists. One is at over 2,000.. I think it might be time to go through and organize them some. 😅

      • Exactly!

        I’ve grown to accept and even enjoy tablets, they just won’t ever quite compare to actual books.

        Hahaha, that’s a great attitude to have. Bring on the fattening of the TBR!

        Oh my! I stick to just one, but I have categories for everything. I kind of grade everything by interest level first. There’s ‘Gotta read this NOW!’, ‘Maybe I’ll read soon’, and of course, ‘Meh, maybe.’

      • I think the best thing about tablets is that you never have to worry about reading when it’s dark.. The newer generations will never know the struggle of trying to light book pages after lights out. 😆

        And I figure that we’ll never finish our Tbr’s before kicking the bucket anyway but.. Challenge accepted.

        Omgosh, that’s exactly what I do, that’s so great! 😂
        ‘must-read’ ‘priority reads’ ‘will eventually read’ You have to keep that stuff organized!

        Thank you, I needed that laugh! Have a great evening! 😁

      • Yeah, fair point. Reading a physical book in my bedroom is really tough because my lights are relatively dim in there, so I have to go into the living room.

        Yeah, the odds aren’t great, but I welcome the challenge as well!

        Haha, great minds think alike! Once I’m done reading I also categorize them by genres, but only if I actually read it. No free tags on GoodReads from me!

        Haha, always welcome!

      • There are few downsides when reading.. finding good lighting is one of them.

        The odds are way better when you’re stubborn, determined, and motivated..

        And I haven’t yet been able to get as organized with tags and such as I’d like. Blogging seems to be a constant work in progress. 😅

        I hope you had a beautiful weekend and get to enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving week! Stay safe!

      • For sure! I don’t read at night much these days though. I typically try to wind down a bit more in those hours (I feel like such an old man!). Electronic devices are better for nighttime reading in my opinion, but determination wins out regardless of the medium of book.

        No worries, it’s all a learning process and can take a while. My entire first year was just figuring out what worked and what didn’t. With my break from grad school I hope to blog a bit more about random things so it’s not only book reviews.

        Thanks! I’ll be with family out in the boonies so it’ll be an experience for sure! You stay safe as well!

      • They say any kind of reading at night is bad for your eyes and sleep.. But everything is these days. “These days.” Now who’s old? 🤭
        You’re right about determination! If there’s a will, there’s a way!

        And I don’t mind the learning, love it actually.. it’s the not knowing that sucks.. On the plus side? I’ve been able to meet all of you incredible people! Everyone’s been so supportive and helpful that it’s made the whole process a fantastic experience.

        I literally just choked on my water from laughter. The boonies? That’s great! 😂
        Let me guess.. NC, SC, or Georgia?

      • Yeah, but cuddling with a kitty and reading at night can be the best thing sometimes. I’ll take my chances lol.

        Oh, I agree. I got a lot of inspiration by looking at other blogs and taking little pieces of how they execute their posts. It’s a great community for sure! Lots of great people who care about each other.

        LOL actually it’s Missouri boonies. Nothing but dried up corn stalks as far as the eye can see and dreary weather where I’m headed for Thanksgiving.

      • My cat does love the cuddles.. and there’s nothing sweeter.

        Everyone’s so willing to help one another on here.. it’s beautiful thing.

        Ooh! That is the boonies.. and you’re probably going to be quite cold. Best of luck? I’m sure you’ll still find some way to make it a fun trip. Be sure to stay safe!

      • Totally! Ajax just got a box from Chewy for winter toys and stuff. I’m slowly giving him some of the toys so he doesn’t get tired of everything super quickly.

        Oh totally! I’ve rarely seen anything negative at all.

        Yeah, tomorrow’s supposed to be a little cold, but it’s nothing for this Midwestern guy. Thanks! I’ll be playing my Halloween playlist most likely, bopping my head and making crazy faces at people I drive past.

      • Awwh, that’s so sweet.. We get our fuzzy family Christmas gifts too. And that’s such a smart idea, doling out the gifts, I’ll have to try it! The poor spoiled creatures get bored so quickly.


        Lol, that sounds entertaining. Do you have the cover soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas? They did a pretty great job. Annnnd now ‘Monster Mash’ is playing in my head.

        Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and have a great time!

      • Yay! All pets need some spoiling if you ask me, though finding the right amount can be tricky. I jokingly refer to Ajax as my cat husband due to how much I spoil him.

        Actually, the specific playlist I created is more adult songs that you would hear at a party. It has taken me so long to find them all and compile it, but I also love me some Hocus Pocus, Nightmare before Christmas, and Monster Mash on occasion.

        Thanks, happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • They really should.. I don’t understand the ‘they’re Just animals’ way of thinking. And, lol, your kitty husband.. that’s cute. He’s lucky to have you.

        That’s actually pretty cool.. I can’t imagine what great finds you have on there! I may have a similar playlist of Disney songs.. I have been known to, on occasion, embarrass myself with. I guess we all have our guilty pleasures.

        And you’re very welcome! We had a great time over here, thank you, how about you?

      • Oh, people with that mentality are definitely not my friends. Pets must be cuddled and loved all the time! 😀 Aww, thank you! I think I’m pretty lucky too. He’s a total sweetheart.

        Yeah, I’m very picky with what I add to it, but it gets better with time as more stuff comes out that I can add. Exactly! Or if almost any 90’s song comes on the radio get ready, I’m about to make a fool outta myself haha.

        Great to hear! I had a rather uneventful Thanksgiving at my mom’s, so I’m very grateful. There were prior incidents where some drama was involved, but everything went by smoothly.

      • I couldn’t do it. The minute they turn those giant eyes my way.. I’m a complete goner.
        And Ajax sounds like such a little lovebug.. My Enzo is too. They’re capable of so much love if you treat them right.

        Lol! The 90’s has some of the best jams.. It’s a go-to for sure!

        Uneventful is good! Any family gathering you can walk away from, where no one’s been arrested or sent to the hospital, and the minimum amount of drama has occurred? Is a lucky break, I say!
        I’m happy you had a good Thanksgiving.
        Now?.. for Christmas!

      • Right? Cats make me melt! Ajax can be super sweet, he just has a limit before he starts nipping you.

        Totally! Most of my karaoke escapades have centered around 90s songs.

        Haha exactly! I’ll consider it a win. Yeah, I’m not quite ready for Xmas. Gifts are all said and done, but my decorations in my place could be better. May have to hit up the thrift store or a discount place and see what’s available. Christmas is punching holes in my wallet!

      • I’m a sucker for animals in general.. it’s people I tend to be a little abrasive with. Blogging has been great for expanding my social interactions. 😅

        Lol! So relatable! Recently ‘American Idiot’ has taken up residence in my brain and I can’t seem to shake it.

        Take the win! Take it and run while you still can!

        And, hey, at least the gifts are done! That’s usually the hardest part.
        I haven’t decorated yet.. I’m not even sure I will this year. Just can’t seem to find any Christmas spirit.

        Stay safe and have a beautiful week!

      • Me too, except for strange pets like snakes or spiders. No thank you!

        Yeah, blogging is great for making new connections. I’ve made many friends on here over the past few years.

        Oh, I love Green Day! My go to karaoke song is Holiday or Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

        Haha, consider it done! *runs off at an alarming pace*

        They really were this year. I love when people just tell me what they want specifically. When they’re vague or want to be surprised then I tend to run in circles.

        Awww, well maybe just do what you’re comfortable with. I have a tree in storage but haven’t used it in years because I don’t like my apartment being cramped. I just have stuff on my small entry table and on the table in my living room. I would like some lights up, but I’m terrible at hanging them up.

        You do the same! 🙂

      • And I’m absolutely one of those weirdos who likes snakes and spiders.. Lol!

        It’s surprisingly easy to grow attached to the people on here. Even when you know only a little about the other person, everyone’s kindness, the willingness to help.. it’s not something you get a lot of IRL (unless you’re very lucky.)

        Omgosh, that’s so great, I am literally the only person in my life right now who can say (or will admit) they enjoy Greenday. Basket Case for me. 😋😆

        Agreed! Unfortunately everyone I shop for is vague or all ‘Oh, you don’t have to do that..’ ‘Just having you there will be gift enough.’ Really? No.

        I usually love decorating. The lights and shinys and sparkles.. but with most of my family away this year? It’s just not the same.
        And a great way to do the lights is to get some of those stick to the wall hooks? The ones that don’t damage anything? I like those for practically everything Christmas related.

        I try, thank you!

      • Snakes aren’t the worst, but spiders and that evil web magic? Nope!

        Oh, totally! Real life is way different. I have a small group of friends that I hang out with frequently, but a lot of friends on here that I enjoy talking with.

        Ooo nice song choice! Well, you’re not alone in your love of Green Day!

        Haha, my mom always does that when I ask her what she wants. So frustrating!

        Yeah, not having family around can kinda dim that holiday spirit. I hope you find that Christmas spirit regardless 🙂

        Ooo, great recommendation! I think I’ll try that out for decorating.

      • Lol! I think for me it’s all those legs. I’m cool so long as I know where the creatures are.. but the minute my personal space is infringed upon? I’m less friendly.

        And I have no friends.. I tend to keep to myself. Any social interactions are basically just with you guys.😅

        It is! My dad! He insists on never getting him anything. He just wants a good hug.. and maybe baked goodies.
        They know you’re going to get them a gift either way.. why not just. pick. something?

        Family is the best and craziest part of what makes the holidays special so.. Thank you!
        I’m taking aggressive action: Christmas books, music, movies, and soon.. baking! I’ll find my holiday cheer in there somewhere.

        Hope it makes things easier for you! Take care and have fun!

      • Yes, way too many legs indeed! That really is a part of it, the not knowing until maybe you feel something scurry across you. Totally freaks me out.

        Oh, well then this is a great outlet for you to socialize! I’ll admit, since the pandemic started I have actually lost friends and have not made many more with the exception of on here. I just stick to my inner circle for the most part.

        Haha, glad you understand 100%. I actually never really considered baked goods. What’s wrong with me? That’s a perfect low-cost solution!

        Oh, for sure. Plus there’s all the great constant sarcasm between family members at least in my family lol. There you go! I actually watched a Christmas movie this weekend, which I rarely do, so I’m kind of in the mood for some holiday festivities.

        You take care as well! 🙂

      • Lol! Right!? I have super long hair, too, so I have that ‘something is on me’ feeling way too often.
        Crawly things should come with consent forms.

        It has been stressful socializing like this.. With the added benefit of you all being such wonderful people!
        I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost some of your friends, though, that’s hard. It’s already so difficult to meet and connect with people that any kind of loss is a big deal.

        What!? Baking is huge in my family, especially around any holidays, (and it’s literally one of the best parts!) Gingerbread, carrot cake, warm apple pie.. puddings and cobblers and candies, Oh My!

        Your family sounds like a lot of fun. They would probably get along splendidly with my crazy bunch. We do sarcasm well. 😆

        I try!
        Do stay safe.. the world appears to have lost it’s damn mind. ❤️

      • Do you ever freak yourself out with your long hair? Yes, no crawly things allowed. They just kinda break down that sense of safety/security when you least expect it. Not cool!

        Well I’ll try to speak for the community and say you’re very welcome. It’s a very warm and loving portion of the blogisphere.

        Oh, no worries. Part of it was politics, and part of it was just coming to terms that certain friendships were very one-sided. I think some people over time realize that it’s best to have a small group of inseparable friends rather than a ton of friends that you don’t know intimately.

        Ooo, all of that sounds great. Yes, all the food! I’ve been gaining a little Christmas weight, not much, but enough to make me reinforce my holiday eat outs with healthy meal prepping.

        So does yours! My mom raised me with all the dry humor. I’d say it worked out pretty well lol.

        You stay safe as well. Couldn’t agree more on the world losing it’s damn mind.

      • Oh, it’s way passed that.. I now sit on it. It’s going to have to go.

        Aww, you’re too sweet, thank you.
        And I take it that you’ve seen less friendly parts of the blogging world?

        That’s a shame.. I know we’ve had some issues with people ‘taking sides’ due to all the politics and pandemic concerns. It’s tearing a lot of relationships apart.
        The good ones will stick around.

        This is not the time of the year to be concerned about gaining weight, my friend, that’s what new years resolutions are for!

        Your mom did a great job! You don’t seem like a serial killer at all, well, not that most do. 😅😋

        Doing my best, thank you!
        Hopefully all the holiday cheer will ward away the worst of it and we can start next year off on a better foot. Fingers crossed!

      • Oh wow, that really is quite long!

        Well for a while when politics had reached their all time high last year before vaccinations were available everywhere I turned there were arguments, both on WordPress and Social Media in general. It’s died down quite a bit since then and I can’t say I’ve seen anything in months. I think people just want to forget that awful time, but we shouldn’t. Here in the states, 2% of the population died. I don’t think many people realize just how big of a hit that was and continues to be. Sorry, not trying to be morbid, we’ve just still got a long way to go as a sentient race.

        Hahaha, the food is too good to pass up! I’ll definitely working out a little more to hopefully offset the gainage, but I’m almost back to my normal already. Thank goodness for low-carb diets!

        Thanks, I’ll let her know :p My mom basically taught me that other people are most likely axe murderers, so I guess that makes me a second generation true crime fanatic lol.

        I hope so too!

      • It really is.. but I’ve grown rather attached to it.

        And I agree with you completely.. a lot of the urgency from the beginning has died off, people have grown used to hearing about it, and it’s become easier to forget just how dangerous it is to grow complacent. A pandemic is no joke. It’s still a threat. So, morbid? Maybe. But it’s true.

        Hey, that’s great! It’s good to take such an active approach to caring for your body.. I don’t know many who are interested in doing the work it takes so I’m super impressed!
        Better to do what you can now, before life forces you to do what you must later on.
        Best of luck!

        Lol! Omgoodness, that is too funny! Your mom is such a trip and that’s not a bad way to teach your kid to be cautious!
        My aunt adored horror and introduced us to it at an inappropriately young age.. it must have left it’s mark because now we’re all pretty fascinated with with the abyss. Family can be something else!

      • I bet! I’ve been growing mine out for almost a year and I’m pretty attached, so I understand at least a little bit.

        Totally. I think people just want to forget, but we can’t because then we’ll lose sight of why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

        Yeah, health and fitness has been something of a project for me throughout the years. I’m thinking of upping the ante too with my workouts. Thanks!

        Yeah, she got over the latchkey kid phase I went through very quickly, let’s just say that lol.

        Oh wow, that’s great! What kind of horror did she favor? For my family, horror was pretty much forbidden, so I was drawn to what they wouldn’t let me see because I’m a rambunctious little scoundrel like that haha!

      • Thank you.. it’s surprisingly harder to let go of then most would think! And what made you decide to grow yours out, if you don’t mind me asking?

        There’s no forgetting this.. but I can understand why people want to. Everyone just wants life to go back to normal. Too bad there is no going back and not learning from all of this would be a bad idea.

        I think our poor parents had to get over a lot more than we’ll ever know for us to have survived. 😆

        She liked a lot of Stephen King.. and Candyman, Jeepers Creepers, Amityville. The list goes on.. but we’re all fans of scary stories now so she must’ve known what she was doing.
        And, hey, curiosity is a good quality to have!

      • Yeah, you get kinda attached after a while. I think the pandemic just made me want to do something different. Everywhere I looked people seemed to be cutting their hair super short, so I thought I’d do the opposite. Also, I always felt more confident and ‘myself’ when I had longer hair. Turns out, that’s still true!

        Yeah, it’s sad that we won’t be able to just get over it. There will always be some new strain of it, but as long as we keep fighting the good fight we can make it a more minor thing going forward as long as everyone pulls together.

        Oh, I have a very good inkling. I was the worst kid growing up. Very emotional and sensitive and constantly blaming my sister for things I did hahaha. That’s the trickster in me.

        Oh that’s all very good stuff! She has good taste. 🙂 Glad you were able to learn from a good horror influence.

        Thank you!

      • That’s great, then, that you’re enjoying having it longer. It’s crazy how much having your hair a certain way can effect the way you feel about yourself.

        It’s the pulling people together that will be the hardest. Everyone wants to believe that their way of doing things is the best, when really, there is no good option. It’d be nice if we could all just agree that we may not agree and have that be alright.

        I am.. and I got in trouble constantly, usually because I did do it, felt it was justified, and decided the consequences were worth it.

      • Totally! Having it short is arguably easier, but the effort is worth the difference in my confidence. *hair flip* lol

        Right, everything’s become so divided, and I’ll admit I’ve become that way to an extent. Just gotta remind ourselves that some people have been led to believe incorrect things and it’s not necessarily their fault. Easier said than done, I’ll admit!

        Haha, great minds think alike! Sometimes a little chaos is needed, even if we have to create it ourselves. It certainly makes things interesting.

      • Agreed! It can be a bit of work but it does make a difference in how you feel about and see yourself. (and I totally just pictured Flynn Rider from Tangled doing his hair flip.) 😋

        So many deep cleansing breaths have been necessary during this pandemic that it’s not even funny. I’m all for standing for your beliefs. I’m not for tearing down others.

        Only sometimes! My poor nerves couldn’t handle it otherwise.. I’d rather be prepared than surprised. 😅

      • Lol that’s funny because his hair length almost right where I’m at.

        Oh, for sure! I’m actually having a rough week as far as empathy is concerned with work, but at least it’s not about anything political. Just that some people aren’t great at their jobs lol. Pandemic gods, give me strength!

        Oh I agree completely. Just a little here and there. Manageable amounts only. I don’t care much for surprises either, unless it’s a surprise bday party!

      • Lol, that’s great. That means it’s at the length you want to play with all the time, too.

        I’m sorry to hear that work has been difficult.. hopefully your weekend was a nice break from the frustration?
        I am having my own ‘I am so done this f*ing virus’ kind of weekend. Someone close may have been exposed and we’re waiting on word back. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

        And that sounds acceptable.. I can always be persuaded with cake and kittens. 😋

      • Oh totally! I’m trying to get these bangs to fade into the side length perfectly, then it’ll really look awesome.

        Yeah, I spoke with my therapist about work and with my trajectory it’s just something I’m going to have to accept until I graduate. My weekend was definitely a nice break from work, and this weekend will be even better since it’s way longer.

        Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I hope they recover quickly. Omicron is definitely taking over and spreading fast, so stay safe!

        Ooo yes, good surprises only please!

      • If you have bangs.. that’s how they should be. 😋

        And I hope it works out. I know how stressful it is to have to work so hard to manage your mental health. Does it help if I say I have faith that it will all work out?
        I am glad you got some down time! I feel like all of the days off lately are more work than the work days though..

        Thank you! It seems like another near miss, thank goodness, we are very lucky. It’s a small relief but.. at least this strand seems to be less aggressive to come down with.

        I hope you’re staying safe, too, and had a brilliant Christmas!

      • Totally! I’m just trying to get back to where I was with my hair once upon a time. My hair grows really thick but the length is kinda lacking. Trying to speed it up with biotin.

        Yeah, I have some really good ambient mixes that calm me that I’ll keep on reserve anytime I’m feeling stressed. That and breathing exercises help. That does help, thank you! My holidays were very tame. A little family time, a LOT of alone time, just like I wanted. 🙂 Couldn’t be happier.

        Glad you avoided that! Stay vigilant my friend!

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