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Anywho, today is the beginning of my buddy read with Iseult Murphy of Shutter, including the short prequel novella Trigger by Courtney Alameda. Naturally, we decided to read the prequel first since it’s chronological and a quick read.


While this is a buddy read, this review is my independent opinion. Iseult and I will be reviewing the overall experience in a joint post later once we’ve finished both stories.

This story is a freebie on that you can read for free here.

I was also originally going to start Shutter tonight, but due to my impending move just a week away, I have to focus on priorities and get some more packing done tonight. As a reward for your patience, box kitty photo!

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Micheline Helsing is a tetrachromat – a girl who sees the auras of the undead in a prismatic spectrum. Now she’s facing one of her most challenging ghost hunts ever. Lock, stock, and lens, she’s in for one hell of a ride.


The Review:



I gave this novella five fascinating stars!

This is my first read of anything by Courtney Alameda, and man was I blown away!

Micheline lives an intriguing life in a dark, scary world where monsters exist and spirits lurk in mirrors. Micheline is a rising teen who has the innate ability to see the auras of monsters. She uses this ability to hunt monsters with her dad and is also being trained as an exorcist by her mother.

When a vicious and oddly intelligent monster starts a string of killings, Micheline and her dad and his forces must delve into the depths to stop this evil and save lives.

This was a great introduction to the universe of Shutter, which I will be reading next.

Micheline is an intriguing character. She’s strong, well trained, and speaks her mind. Her ability was really great too, and while it’s more of a passive power, she uses it in offensive ways. Micheline isn’t all gunshots and punches. She also has a softer side that we get to see here and there that really fleshed her out well.

The writing style was spectacular, especially the diction used. Typical phrases I’ve seen in books time and time again were written in creative unique ways that really made it flow flawlessly.

I loved the world we were introduced to and the plot as well. It’s a cold, cold world, and I can tell there’s so much more to it. We get to see the very surface of it in this work, and I can’t wait to find out more!

All in all, this was the perfect prequel filled with action, monsters, and really made me hunger for more. Give this one a chance!


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