WWW Wednesday

Good Morning!

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? This week has actually been blazing by for me, so you won’t hear any complaints over here other than the fact that I need more reading time, haha! Let’s get right into things.

Every Wednesday I participate in a meme called WWW Wednesday.

This meme is a challenge where you simply share what you’re reading, what you’ve recently finished, and what you hope to read in the near future.


The meme is currently handled by Taking On A World of Words, and anybody can participate.

Simply read the 3 W questions below and answer them should you want to:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:



On the first day of May, 100 teenage boys meet for a race known as “The Long Walk.” If you break the rules, you get three warnings. If you exceed your limit, what happens is absolutely terrifying.


Opinion so far:

I’m almost halfway through, and this is a pretty fun read. My only qualm so far is that the landscapes tend to bleed into each other a bit and the plot can get a bit stagnant. The characters are good, I’m just hoping that something throws a wrench into this Long Walk to switch things up, though I don’t really see that happening at this point.

Recently Finished:



Jake’s dad and brother Tom have left for a meeting of The Sharing, where Tom may force their dad into involuntary Yeerk infestation. Jake must save his father, but for the first time, his quick-thinking tactical mind freezes up … with everything at stake.


My Opinion:

This was a good solid read that hits home for Jake’s character. It was nice to see him struggle a bit since he’s usually the calm and cool leader. Though it’s not a favorite of mine for the series it’s definitely worth reading for good animal-morphing action and mystery.

Animorphs #31, The Conspiracy Review

Next on my TBR:

Opinion so far:

Next up on my reads is my buddy read of Small Spaces with Iseult Murphy. This looks so creepy, and I can’t wait to dig in!

After that, I’m continuing with another Animorphs book. Rachel the warrior has always kind of been my favorite, so you know I’m ready for this one!

Last but certainly not least is my first new release read for the month. Having read the Hunger Games trilogy, I’m so psyched to give this one a read!

That’s a Wrap!

Okay folks, that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week.

What does your reading pile look like? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you have any opinions or feedback on the books I chose? Feel free to share in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow my bookish journeys!

Happy Reading Everyone!


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    • Aha, I didn’t know that!

      Yeah, it’s not bad, but I’m just left wanting more. They are literally just walking the whole time, and even with the added stuff packed in it just doesn’t feel enough for me.

      I’ll definitely finish it though.

  1. I saw someone else review The Long Walk recently. I read it years ago, but don’t remember much about it. The Ballad is on my list, but I have no idea when I’ll get to it. Happy Reading, Jonny!

  2. Yeah, it’s not turning out to be a very memorable read. I’ve started skimming just a bit over the nature descriptions because it’s gotten a bit old. There just needs to be more action or something driving the plot and I’m not getting that.

    Oh yay! Well I hope when you do get to read it that you enjoy!

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