Book Review: Animorphs #45, The Revelation

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I hope the weekend has been kind to you. For me I spent plenty of time inside and got to prep for Thanksgiving, which is just me this year. My family agreed that it was best to stay safe over having a meal together, and I completely agree given the state of things. Anywho, I hope that you get some much needed time off for the holiday and that you stay safe and healthy!

In the meantime I’ve been reading over the weekend, and I’m sharing my review of Animorphs #45, The Revelation by KA Applegate.

As a kid I dropped off a bit earlier in the series, so I’ve never read this one. Let’s see how I felt about it! Scroll down bookworms!


Things were already really weird. Fighting aliens. Battling to save Earth. And still trying to be normal. Marco, the other Animorphs, and Ax are almost used to it. Almost. But things are changing. The Yeerk invastion of Earth started out passively. Secretly. But now, everything seems to be stepped up. Even Marco’s father is talking about some top secret project at his job. Something about developing Zero-space…

Marco doesn’t even know whether his father is a Controller. But he does know he’s not going to let the Yeerks win this one. They’ve already got his mother. And Marco will do anything it takes to save his father. Anything…


The Review:

I gave this book four stars.

In this installment of the Animorphs saga, it’s Marco’s turn to tell the story, and boy is it a big one. Everything’s all sunshine and roses until one night his dad comes home talking about a new engineering project involving Zero Space. Hardly able to control his shock, Marco and the other Animorphs assemble to address the issue. Is Marco’s family in danger and if so, what are they going to do? What does this tech upgrade even mean?

This book had all the feels for me. I’ve been complaining a bit over the last few installments that not enough big things were happening, but this one was a home run. Some big things are happening, irreversible things.

First and foremost, I think Marco and the other Animorphs were portrayed very well. Marco’s reaction to this insanely crappy scenario are understandable, and it really tugged at my heartstrings. No one should be in this kind of a situation, but he does the best he can to protect his family, and so do the others. Extra brownie points for teamwork making that dream work, no matter how grim things may seem.

The plot was seemingly simple, but got more and more interesting as things developed. Like I said, there were some huge plot developments impacting the rest of the series in this book, but I can’t spoil the fun so I’ll leave it at that. Plenty of twists, mystery, and action were present in this book, and that paired with the high stakes of this story made me blaze through this one.

If I had to pick at anything, some of the scenes describing things were discombobulated and a bit confusing, so I took a star away for that. Besides that, I honestly have no complaints.

This was a great memorable read for the series, and I shudder to imagine what’s going to happen next. Happy Reading!


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