Book Review: They Come at Night

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How’s your short week going? Mine’s been a bit chaotic (like my weekend!), so I’m desperate to a weekend with no plans and tons of R&R. Keep on trucking peeps, you can do this!

Moving on to the post at hand, today I’m sharing another book review. This time I read They Come at Night by Nick Clausen.

I’ve been a fan of Nick Clausen ever since reading The Girl Who Wasn’t There (my review here) and Beast (my review here). I’ve even had the honor of interviewing this talented author (check that out here), so when I got a free ebook copy of this book for being a subscriber of his mailing list, you can only imagine how excited I was (there may have been some drooling involved, haha!).

I’m a little backed up on buddy reads due to my library taking an odd amount of time to get books to me, so this was the perfect quick read to try out.

How did I like it? Keep on reading!


Four teenagers. A cottage by the beach. A scary secret kept by the locals. And those who come at night …

A classic horror story in a gothic setting told in a modern voice, They Come at Night has sold several thousand copies worldwide. It has everything for fans of horror, mystery, thrills and suspense.



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The Review:

What a fun story!

I’ve read a couple of Clausen’s works by now, and I’m a fan. I received this book for free as one of his mailing list subscribers and enjoyed this reading experience.

In a nutshell, this book is about four teenagers who stay at a beach house for a much needed vacation. But when strange occurrences occur it makes them question if they are really alone, and if not, what may be lurking in the dark when the tide is full.

This is one of Clausen’s first published works, and while I had a bunch of fun, it didn’t quite have the same finesse that his more current works have. Despite that, a lot of the elements present really worked for me.

To start off, I liked the characters. Jayden is the MC, and he just wants to have a good time like his friends. I really liked the tension their collective friendship had at times. They could be a tad cliché, but they were teenagers so I didn’t judge it all that harshly. When I was a teen I had the same simple worries.

Plot really came into play well here. Who doesn’t love a vacation, right? I’ve always been leery of the water, and from the beginning I just kept telling myself “I don’t know, man.” The horror aspect felt more atmospheric at first before shifting throughout the rest of the novel. I would’ve actually preferred a bit more horror from chapter to chapter, but it was still satisfying. Also, there’s this whole mystery aspect to the story that I found to be really entertaining.

While this wasn’t my favorite Clausen work, it definitely had enough chills and thrills present to keep me happy, entertained, and ready for more frights from him in my future.


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    • Thanks bestie! Yeah, I think every author has those works of those that maybe don’t quite hit the spot. I’m excited about starting his Dead Meat series in the near future. I hear that one’s pretty good.

      • I think his writing has got better, which we all strive for. I love the Dead Meat series. There are a couple of books that didn’t grab me as much as the others, but overall it’s great. The final book will be released soon. Both excited and sad about reading it.

      • Yeah, exactly! It’s nice to see where he started and how far he’s gone in his career. I’m actually going to ask my library to buy the whole series so I can borrow the whole thing. They’ve been really cool about buying new books for their collection, so fingers crossed!

        I hope you love the last book and it gives a fitting ending!

      • Right? They’ll buy whole series, no questions asked, so I’ve been having them buy indie stuff I wanna read. Also, money for the indies, yay!

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