August In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Hello Everyone!

August is over, can you believe it? I’m actually pretty happy about it. September for me always means the shift from summer to fall time, and it couldn’t come soon enough. Without pooltime and margaritas in hand, this summer has SUCKED!

That being said, I’ve been super busy and am finding that things are once again changing. So with that in mind, let’s get into this post, shall we?

Changes Ahead


First and foremost, there are some changes going forward that I wanted to alert everyone about.

I’ve been feeling a bit overstressed with things for the past few months if I’m being honest with myself, and changes will be happening with the blog. The main thing stressing me is that I’ve been spending too much time blogging without focusing on my writing enough.

You may have noticed that my posts have been fewer in number, and that may be something permanent going forward. I simply don’t have the time to be blogging left and right.

So what all is changing?

I’ll be lessening the number of movie and series reviews to maybe once or twice a month. I’m also simplifying the format even further so that I basically just type my opinion and then I’m done. Saving time is vital, and while I enjoy movies and tv shows, something has to give.

Also, once I catch up on my backlog of author interviews, I will be scaling back, hoping to still do one of those a month.

Book reviews and buddy reads will stay the same for now, but buddy reads will most likely change in 2021 if I get into grad school.

Thanks for understanding how important these changes are to me. I’m hoping in the end to publish more works with the time I’m saving.

Writing Conquests


August was HUGE for me.



I published my short story Conscience last week on 8/27/20!


I had such a blast breathing new life into this story and hope you’ll check it out should you be interested. Further info below!


Rory Bennels lives in a world ruled by a business entity known as the Corporation. For years he’s executed cerebral uploads for the recently deceased, but when the famed anarchist Epher Lore ends up in his lab, a series of events occur that shakes Rory’s world to the core.


Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

What’s Next?

So what’s next on the agenda? Well, my Reaper sequel of course! The second Conscience was wrapped up I went right back to editing my sequel’s first draft. I’m currently on Chapter 18 of 30 and while there are plenty of edits, the rewrites are lessening by a lot, so I’m hopeful.

Wish me luck! I’ll definitely be using all my holiday time and vacay for writing.


Bookish Conquests

On the bookish side of things this month, things slowed down a bit, but with an ever increasingly busy schedule I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

I read 6 books, DNF’d two additional books, and read a short story.

Magic or Die Review


Camp Carnage Review



Buddy Reads & Rants: Camp Carnage

Burn Review


Animorphs #37, The Weakness Review


The Darkest Part of the Forest Review


Badwater Review



A Wicked Magic Review


Scythe Review



Animorphs #38, The Arrival Review


Favorite Book

My favorite works for the month were Scythe and Badwater.

Both of these works had tons of amazing imagery, interesting characters, and a plot I couldn’t get enough of. Definitely check these out if you’re looking for a great read!

Least Favorite Book

Unfortunately, I have two this month, The Darkest Part of the Forest and A Wicked Magic.

Both of these works failed to resonate with me. I felt with both that the characters lacked depth and I simply couldn’t move forward with them so I stopped reading. I don’t recommend these, but definitely look them up if you are interested.


Movie & Series Conquests

On the watching side of things, I reviewed three seasons of shows this month.

The Umbrella Academy, Season Two Review

Castlevania, Season Two Review

Glow Up, Season One Review


My favorite watch for the month was close, but I’m choosing Umbrella Academy


This was a great continuation of the series, and it left me wanting more, more, MORE!

I’m curious whether this will span past three seasons, as there are only three graphic novels.

Definitely give this one a go!


Least Favorite

Since I greatly enjoyed my watches this month, I don’t have a least favorite. Hooray!


That’s a Wrap!

All right, there goes the month of August. How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!


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    • Oh, that’s awesome! I hope you loved it! 🙂 No worries on the buddy read. I’ve been slowing down a bit lately anyways. Totally understand. Enjoy your friend’s beta read!

    • Thanks friend. Yeah, it’s hard to slow myself down when the want is there, but I just don’t have the time. So far I’ve done really well and am just enjoying a little free time here and there. Good for mental health!

      Happy September to you too!

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