January In Hindsight: Writing & Bookish Conquests

Good Morning Blogosphere!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these monthly posts, and I’ve made some modifications to make things as simple for me as possible. Gotta save time where you can, right?

January was a huge month for me with some great reads and writing developments. Keep on scrolling if you’re curious!


Writing Conquests

I’ve had some pretty major developments in writing this month. I finished my manuscript for Reaper: Aftermath and it’s being published on 2/5/21! That’s right, next Friday you can continue Gregory’s journey into a new, darker world full of Reapers. I hope you enjoy the ride if you choose to check it out, and if you’d like, you can check out my Facebook Event on release day for a chance to win a free ebook copy of this new release! More details on Reaper: Aftermath below!

Cover art created by Mario Lampic


Five years have passed since the Reapers invaded Earth and tore it asunder. Gregory, his mother, Trent, and their group of scavengers hunt the decimated wastelands for survival.

But when a sudden Reaper attack forces Gregory through a Reaper door, he finds himself in a bizarre place, one that may provide answers to the Reapers’ past and where they came from.

Can Gregory put together the pieces of the past and find his way home, or will he just become another human casualty in the lost war against the Reapers?


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Of course, if you haven’t started Gregory’s journey you can find the first book here. It’s just 99 cents and is a quick creepy read that’ll raise your hairs on end.

Future Projects

With Reaper: Aftermath being finished, you’re probably wondering what I’m working on now. Well, it’s not another Reaper book. Sad, I know, but until the writing gods give me that divine inspiration to continue the series, I’m going to move on to other things.

This past month I decided to start working on revamping my unpublished manuscript of The Gifted Chronicles: Awakening.  Fun fact, this is my first manuscript from my days back on Scribophile. I worked on this baby of mine for about five years while working on my writing ability. For a little teaser, here’s part of an older synopsis that I created. Think superpowered humans vs. demons.


The town of MeadowVale has known peace for centuries thanks to a magical barrier shielding it from evil. But when a strange meteor destroys the barrier, the super powered residents’ fear for their lives. Demons lurk in the darkness, and when people begin to disappear, the citizens of MeadowVale must brace themselves against the evil threat.

I’m going through some heavy self edits on this 500-page novel in an effort to match my current writing level and make some light changes before approaching small publishers. I’m not going to give a real timeframe at this point, but I’m hoping to get through all of my edits within the next few months.

There are 55 chapters, and I’m currently working on chapter 8, so I have a long way to go. Wish me luck!


Bookish Conquests

This month was fun in reading! Like I stated around new year’s, I’m lowering my expectations on reading to give myself as much time to write as possible. My goal for this year is 50 books, just over a week per book. So far, I’m actually ahead of schedule, but I’m not overly stressing to read so I’m pretty proud of myself!

I finished a serialized set of novellas and three books this month.

I really enjoyed each book, and none of them got a rating below 3.5 stars, so I can happily say that each is worth giving a shot depending on what your tastes are in reading. See below for links, and happy reading!


Book Review: Domna, Part One

Book Review: Domna, Part Two

Book Review: Domna, Part Three

Book Review: Domna, Part Four

Book Review: Domna, Part Five

Book Review: Domna, Part Six

Book Review: Skyward

Book Review: Past Legends

Book Review: 7 Weeks in Hell


That’s a Wrap!

All right, there goes the month of January. How was your month? Did you read something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading, everyone!


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