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Weekly Progress Update!

Good Afternoon Ghouls, Girls and Gents, Time for another personal progress update on all things Jaunts & Haunts! This week actually hasn’t been terrible, but many things are moving so… Read more Weekly Progress Update!

Weekly Progress Update!

Hi Everyone, Mother’s Day is a very special holiday to me, so this post got delayed a bit. So what’s my life been like in the past week? A boat load of crazy for sure, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. On the personal side, I’m still moving within the next week and have a birthday on Saturday, so I’m really excited about those two items coming up! On the writing side, I continued writing the sequel to Reaper, and things are going really well. I managed to… Read more Weekly Progress Update!

Special Giveaway of my debut novella Reaper!

Hi Everyone, As you may know, I recently self-published my first novella Reaper just a short while ago. To celebrate the occasion, I’m doing a giveaway on Amazon! Simply click here to enter to win one of four kindle copies of my novella. Before you enter, I do ask that you visit or and give the preview a brief read to see if you like my style of writing and the general synopsis provided. That being said, if you like YA, light horror, and thrills, this book is… Read more Special Giveaway of my debut novella Reaper!