June In Hindsight: Bookish Conquests and Other Things

Good Morning Everybody!

Can you believe June is over already? Man, this year is flying by! I hope that you are staying safe with everything that’s going on in the world. It doesn’t look like the coronavirus is going away anytime soon, so hang in there!

I had a really good month, and now’s the perfect time to announce a change on my website.

Effective immediately, I will stop posting my weekly progress updates on Sundays, continuing this monthly post in a more condensed way.

I’ve been making changes to the site since last week and decided that making weekly and monthly progress posts felt like overkill. Making things easier on myself seemed like a great idea. I’ll still share any important milestones with you guys on my writing (and may share a bit more often than this monthly post on my writing), but again I just wanted to keep things nice and simple.

That being said, if you want a more in-depth look at my writing progress, books I’ve read, and what I’m watching, that will be moving over to my newsletter, which will now be going out twice a month on Thursdays. Simply subscribe here if you’re interested. The first new newsletter will be going out on the 9th of July!

All right, are you ready to take a look at this month? Let’s go!


Writing Conquests

This month was very different in writing. As you may or may not know, I’m currently editing my sequel to Reaper, and it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped. That being said, a lot of kinks are getting thrown out the proverbial window, and I’m hoping that will make a difference in how the book is received.

I edited three chapters of the sequel this month, most of them almost complete rewrites. Talk about stressful!

Also, this month I started revamping an old scifi short story. While it originally seemed in pretty good shape, this also turned out to be a complete rewrite.

I’m in the middle of editing the last couple of scenes right now, then I’ll give them another once over before doing some alpha and beta cycles. I’m hoping to have this ready for publication by early to mid August if at all possible.

Wish me luck!

Bookish Conquests


The Long Walk Review

Small Spaces Individual Review

Buddy Read of Small Spaces

Space Walk Review

Animorphs #32, The Separation Review

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Review

Testing the Waters Review

Animorphs #33, The Illusion Review

The Island of Monsters Review

A Feast for Sight Review

Animorphs #34, The Prophecy Review


Favorite Book


Hands down, this was a great sequel full of adventure, monsters, and ghosts. Couldn’t love it more!


Least Favorite Book


Talk about disappointing! This book was lacking in many areas, but the biggest fault is the main character himself and his bipolar tendencies. Not a character to look up to, and if I could turn back time I wouldn’t have given it the time of day.


Movie & Series Conquests

Ready or Not Review

Hollywood, Season One Review

Castlevania, Season One Review

October Faction, Season One Review

Z Review

Contagion Review


Favorite Movie/Series


Castlevania was amazing and sent my chills-and-thrills-ometer through the roof. Love, love, love this show!

Least Favorite Movie/Series


Sorry, not sorry. October Faction’s main failure was that it betrayed itself in character development and plot. Not a great job, but Netflix has done plenty of things right, so I won’t judge them too harshly.


That’s a Wrap!

All right, there was my month of June. How was your month? Did you read or see something in my conquests? Do you have any recommendations for books, tv, or movies? As always, feel free to comment!

Happy Reading and Watching, everyone!


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